We make your space awesome

Fed-Con Group has grown and will continue to grow as a well recognized name in the commercial industry. Our commitment to providing quality craftsmanship, exceptional service and competitive pricing has allowed us to expand our business over the years to be in the position it is today.

Amazing Planning

We create amazing project planning from beginning to end. We strive to provide the best possible planning available.

Awesome Kitchen

At Fed-Con Group we make it our priority to provide our best in class craftsmanship when getting your project done. We make things right.

Stunning Interior

Attention to detail is what we prize the most. We make sure that nothing is left out and is done right when it comes to completing a project.

Recent Projects

We are always proud to display our recent projects in front of you.


Below you will find a few of our services we offer. For more information please contact us on our contact page.

Commercial & Industrial

We handle commercial and industrial construction on a daily basis.

New Construction & Renovations

We can help you build a new construction or renovate your existing space.

Project Management

We can help you manage your projects to make sure your project is on time and ready to launch.

Custom Design & Build

We can help you design your space and build it custom the way you want.

We Plan. We Manage. We Build.

Start a new project with us

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries! We would love to work with you.