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Who We Are

Fed-Con Group has grown and will continue to grow as a well recognized name in the commercial industry. Our commitment to providing quality craftsmanship, exceptional service and competitive pricing has allowed us to expand our business over the years to be in the position it is today.

From small beginnings in Toronto, Ontario to being a well known commercial and industrial construction company. We are proud to be a Canadian owned family company and are always here to help small or large businesses plan and build their desired space.

Well Designed

We make sure that everything is well designed. We love to make sure that everything makes sense.

Well Planned

We plan every project from start to finish. We always try our best to plan your project perfectly.

Great Craftsmanship

We guarantee the best-in-class craftsmanship and attention to detail when building your space.

Customer Friendly

We treat our clients like family. We love to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Why You Should Choose Us.

We have a full dedicated team of individuals that work hard to bring your project to life.

At Fed-Con Group, we make sure that you get the best possible service from beginning to end. We ensure that the project gets planned, built and finished with quality craftsmanship and most importantly on time.


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